Bar Keeper’s Friend

Somewhere along the line, one of the websites I was following suggested Bar Keeper’s Friend for cleaning.  I happened past it one day in the grocery store, and picked it up.  It was cheap, too.  Thought, okay, let’s see how this works.


According to BKF’s “how-to”, it’s the recommended cleaner for the All-Clad.  It makes stainless steel sparkle and shine and it removes the stuff that you find yourself standing there scrubbing for hours.. soak, scrub, soak some more, scrub some more, sigh in frustration, soak some more, scrub, mutter, break out the dremmel tool and try to sand it off.. soak it more, scrub.. you know, *that* stuff.

BKF, I personally prefer the liquid but the cleanser certainly has its uses, and hey, for less than $3 a bottle, I will keep a cleanser and a liquid.  It’s less than dish detergent, after all.  With BKF, you wipe it on.  I start scrubbing with a plastic scrubby.  If there’s anything stubborn, I wait 30 seconds, and then scrub more.  Usually by this time, whatever is stuck on there, whether it be baked on grease, food, burn marks, whatever, comes off pretty easily.

We have a ceramic top stove.  Every time we cook on it, we have marks left over from the pans.  BKF picks them right up.  Better, even than the manufacturer’s product.  I haven’t found that crap to work yet.

It makes all the crud on the sink come right off.

I cleaned a can opener with it, got a toothbrush out and scrubbed down in the gears.  Got all the rust off, got everything clean and sparkly again, and then I took silicone spray, after I washed the can opener, and sprayed it on all the moving parts to protect it from future rust.

Having just visited the site, so that I could give you a link, I found that they make other products as well, and now I’m a bit excited personally to try those too.  I’ve been using the run of the mill stuff, but now I’m eyeing up the cooktop cleanser, the foaming/spray cleaner (hello toilets and showers), and the cookware cleaner.

Any product that makes me excited to do ANY sort of cleaning, it’s worth it’s weight in something far more expensive than gold.

Try it, and then let me know how you liked it.

Happy (almost) scouring, folks.  I’ll try to take and post some pictures the next time I use it.


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