My experience so far with Vitamin C

Finding the right “dose” is a little difficult. This may very well be because my vitamin C is in 1000 mg doses, and I might need slightly better fine tuning than that. I probably should have gotten the 500 mg pills, but I was going for volume/value rather than ease of dosing. So, while I have not yet fine tuned the spot right between “bowel tolerance” and my bathroom and I are besties, I have still seen results, and honestly, since I often have other bathroom issues, I’m not really 100% whether it’s the vitamins or just a normal day.  In any case, I’m seeing some results.  I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks.

I’m finding that my skin is kicking out all those “icks”.  Blemishes are coming to a head instead of lingering.  My face has started kicking out the blackheads. Wounds are healing better. and I’m not as congested, but I’m also not congestion free. That being said, I have allergies, and I live in allergy central Northern Virginia on six acres surrounded by all this  beauty — which is kicking my butt. Hard to tell. I might stick with the Oil of Oregano for the allergies. It’s been amazing.

Definitely seeing some results from the Vitamin C, and I guess if I get a cold I’ll have the knowledge to test it, and then tell you all about it.

Oh, a side note, I’m finding that about 1500 mg every three to four hours seems to keep me under the threshold, but again, I haven’t quite mastered that.


“Mega-dosing” vitamins and me

I recently stumbled on the whole “theory” of mega-dosing vitamins for health, healing and prevention through a friend. I have been doing a lot of research – there’s *SO* much more research for me to do, but given that there are actual studies done, and there is clinical evidence, I decided to try some of it myself.  My goal is to try it, and see if I start feeling better. Technically, I have started some of it and I will post about that separately.

I also believe in herbal remedies, although, again, the only things I’ve ever recommended have been things that have research to back them up.  The scientific research is sometimes difficult to find, but it is out there.  It just seems to be “squashed” and  while I don’t subscribe to the overall conspiracy theory that Big Pharma and doctors everywhere are out to get us, (or at the very least, couldn’t give a crap about our individual well-being) I do think there’s a definitely a link between a company whose goal it is to profit from the sale of drugs, and well, hey, making the very most money that they can possibly make from drug sales.

I have been on Provigil or it’s generic form for years. In truth, I just got a notice for a class action lawsuit from the attorneys handling it, and, well, hey, look at that, the drug company actually delayed the release of the generic so that they could profit from the higher priced (exorbitantly priced) medication. Even the generics are ridiculously priced. My prescription, WITH my insurance, paying only my out of pocket, was over $250 per three months. And that wasn’t at retail. That was from mail order.  At a retail pharmacy to have it filled, it cost me $300 per month. Obviously I chose mail order.  My insurance paid for 90% of that drug.  Roughly, figure that Big  Pharma made $1100 a month from me …on the generic through mail order.  I can see how they might not like to lose the money, but I think in general doctors have the well-being of patients at heart, and I think that they simply aren’t aware, or have succumbed to the hype that vitamin and nutritional therapy are bull.

Well, what better way than to test it?  I started with the water soluble vitamins.  If you’re interested, look for the other posts. 🙂 Hope to see you there.