My experience so far with Vitamin C

Finding the right “dose” is a little difficult. This may very well be because my vitamin C is in 1000 mg doses, and I might need slightly better fine tuning than that. I probably should have gotten the 500 mg pills, but I was going for volume/value rather than ease of dosing. So, while I have not yet fine tuned the spot right between “bowel tolerance” and my bathroom and I are besties, I have still seen results, and honestly, since I often have other bathroom issues, I’m not really 100% whether it’s the vitamins or just a normal day.  In any case, I’m seeing some results.  I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks.

I’m finding that my skin is kicking out all those “icks”.  Blemishes are coming to a head instead of lingering.  My face has started kicking out the blackheads. Wounds are healing better. and I’m not as congested, but I’m also not congestion free. That being said, I have allergies, and I live in allergy central Northern Virginia on six acres surrounded by all this  beauty — which is kicking my butt. Hard to tell. I might stick with the Oil of Oregano for the allergies. It’s been amazing.

Definitely seeing some results from the Vitamin C, and I guess if I get a cold I’ll have the knowledge to test it, and then tell you all about it.

Oh, a side note, I’m finding that about 1500 mg every three to four hours seems to keep me under the threshold, but again, I haven’t quite mastered that.


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