Mega dose Vitamin C

I promised a section on how to find your dosage.  When I first started looking into this, I couldn’t find anything that gave me specifics.  Well, that’s because there really aren’t any.  But for me, I had a lot of unanswered questions.

The experts say take until you hit bowel tolerance.  Well, what, exactly is bowel tolerance?  It means you and your toilet are about to develop a very close relationship, but haven’t quite made the step to bonding yet.  In simple terms, you’ll be at that point just before you get the shootin’ poops.  😀  Okay, it’s really not that bad, even when you really over do it.

Now, for me, my question was.. well, I already have IBS.  How on earth will I be able to tell if I have IBS symptoms today, or Vitamin C symptoms?  Well, I couldn’t find any answers out there, but, now, having experienced it.. I can tell you, you’ll know by the smell.  Vitamin C has a distinct smell when it comes out the other end, either via fart or fact.  The optimal dosing “spot” leaves you on the toilet with a very loose, but not runny, stool.  This is a particularly difficult sweet spot for me, at least, but it might not be for you.  I buy my tablets in either 500 mg, or 1000 mg.  My “good” dose on a normal day is 3500 mg per every five hours.  So for those of you who wonder how can I tell if I’ve got it because my body is acting up, or because I took vitamin C… well, that’s the best answer I found.  Everyone else that I’ve assisted that has taken the vitamin C, agrees that it’s a totally different smell and you’ll recognize it as a different smell.

How do you get to your tolerance?
Well, there’s no solid formula.  Basically, my suggestion is, wait until you have some time at home, at least five hours, but better if it’s a few days.  Once you have a block of time, start in the morning.  Expect that you’ll spend a little bit of time on the toilet, at some point.  It’s a guessing game, to some extent.  You can start small and work up.  This is probably the best way to ensure that you don’t hit the toilet hard, and for very long, but it likely will also mean that it will take you significantly more time to get to bowel tolerance.  In this scenario, you would start off with 1000 or 500 mg pills.  You’d take one pill (whichever you start with), and wait five hours.  If you don’t get the tummy grumbles (in other words, when you reach bowel tolerance, you’ll feel like you ate something that didn’t agree with your tummy, and you won’t be nauseous but you will get those farts, and tummy rumblings and possibly mild cramps.  Nothing major) then move up either 500 mg or 1000 mg at the next five-hour mark.  If you take your first dose at noon, then you’d take your next dose at 5 pm.  Keep doing this every five hours until you get those tummy rumblings.  Once you get that, then you take the amount you took, and you multiply it by .75.  For example, if you took 1,000 and got the tummy rumblings, 750 is the dose you’d want to take.  75% of the amount that gave you the tummy rumblings is going to be your standard dose.

The second method, which is what I recommend, is much faster, but has more potential to send you to the bathroom at some point.  This really isn’t that big of a deal.  You get a warning.  Just don’t assume what you think is a fart is actually a  fart.  I’m just saying.  I would personally try a 3,000 mg dose.  If you don’t get the bowel tolerance, or saturation (the diarrhea) then you go up like 2,000 mg.  Somewhere in here, you’ll likely get very well acquainted with the bathroom, for possibly an hour or so, where you might visit four or five times.  If you don’t get it at 3,000 but you do get it at 5,000, then drop to 4,000 on your next five-hour mark.  If 4,000 isn’t at or above bowel tolerance, go 4,500.  If it’s too high, drop to 3500.  You can make the jump in either direction per dosage in just about any amount.  This is the method I used, after I was sick.  Vitamin C is harmless.  You’re body will kick out anything it doesn’t use.

I was a skeptic, to some degree.  After having a cold, which I threw everything from acupressure to antibiotics to nasal sprays to decongestants to oil of oregano, to compresses at, I was deaf and congested and couldn’t breath. My balance was messed up and I started having panic attacks.  Out of desperation, because I’d just gotten myself back on probiotics, and did NOT want to go to the hospital where they’d just dose me (probably) with antibiotics, I threw myself into figuring out a dosage for “sick”.  I found it on the website of Andrew Saul —  Specifically, you can try this specifically, or, you can try this one:  This is the one that I used, if I’m not mistaken, when I figured out what to take for my sinus infection.

Tolerance will be higher when you are sick, than when you are not.  How can you know when you’re starting to get sick, as opposed to when you’re simply allergic, or normal?  Well, for me, when I take the dose that I normally take, which is ideally 3,500 mg every five hours, and then once before bed, I will stay pretty much symptom free of my allergies, or sinus issues.  This may drop back down to 1,500 after the winter and spring are over, but, that remains to be seen.  Anyway, the way that I can personally tell, is that if my symptoms don’t disappear within the normal amount of time, I need to take more.  My assumption is that if the dose suddenly starts giving me bowel tolerance, I’ll just reduce it 500 mg at a time until I get to the correct dose. Bowel tolerance won’t last more than an hour, assuming you don’t take enough vitamin C to elevate your level past tolerance.

What I mean by that is.. during a non-sick day, I will take 3,500 mg, every five hours (if I remember) and if I don’t remember, I’ll take it as soon as my symptoms come back.  Since I effectively live on a farm with cows on one side, and horses on the other, chickens next door, and nature everywhere, I get a lot of dust, pollen and I’m sure, dander. However, when I was sick, I took a loading dose (that’s the first dose that you take, that is higher than all other doses.  On a five hourish schedule, every five-hour dose could be considered a loading dose, but you’re not following it with maintenance doses) in the morning, of 10,000 mg. Because the body will use all vitamin c in the body within five hours, you can take your loading dose, and then divide it by five.  You’d then take the divided number, and take that every hour on the hour.  For example, let’s assume a loading dose of 10,000 mg.

Loading dose: 10,000 mg at noon
1:00 PM: 2,000 mg
2:00 PM: 2,000 mg
3:00 PM: 2,000 mg
4:00 PM: 2,000 mg
5:00 PM: 2,000 mg
6:00 PM: 2,000 mg
7:00 PM: 2,000 mg

You’re level of vitamin c would continually be at 10,000 mg.  This is one of the best ways to eviscerate your cold or flu.  The more usable vitamin C you keep in your body when you’re sick, the faster you’ll get better.  Now, you don’t need this level of dedication when you’re not sick.  This is what I did when I had that sinus infection.  At that dosage, I personally did not hit bowel tolerance until after 24 hours.  Since that was my first round of high dose vitamin C, I’m honestly not sure it was bowel tolerance.  In any case, I dropped my vitamin C back significantly, and started taking it every five hours.  If I remembered, I’d try to take 1/5 doses every hour, but that was difficult to do because I wasn’t sitting at home, sick.  Then it sort of happened every time I was starting to feel ick.  Now, I’m able to tell exactly where I am based on how my symptoms are.  There are days that I’m in pretty good shape, so.. sometimes I only get a few doses in.  I usually try to make sure I take it before bed, in the morning, and sometime during the day.  If I’m really “on” I’ll take it pretty close to every five hours.

Some experts just suggest that you take it twice a day.  Some suggest you do it three times a day, and some, accurately enough, say if you’re taking it once a day, that’s more than you were getting before.  I do my best to keep myself saturated.  It’s.. honestly, not the easiest thing.  But, I try, and I’m seeing results from it.

My benefits:
I have seen my gums (which I was told would not regenerate without surgery which was painful and not guaranteed) from a point where I really panicked when I took a good look at them.  They were reaching those points you see in every gum horror story picture at the dental office, where they barely cover the top of the tooth.  I took the mega-doses of vitamin C, and somewhere a long the line, my gums started healing themselves.  They’re not as far along as I would like to see them, certainly, they’re not like they were when I was young, but I suspect that I will see some results as I start taking my other vitamins as well. I’m fairly certain there’s a crap-load of vitamins and minerals that I’m deficient in.

Blemishes have started healing.  My allergies are easily combated, even if I can’t say they’re gone.  Congestion is easily combated.  Gum infections have gone away.  My allergy to silver jewelry seems to have gone away, although this is a very recent discovery, as in the last two weeks, and I’m so excited about that, because sterling silver has long been my favorite jewel, and I have never been able to wear it.


Mega-vitamins and the Vit C Epiphany

It’s been my intention to post regularly.  ::cough cough::  So, I promised an update on the megadosing of vitamin C.  I’ve seen some results from that.  When I first started looking into it, I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic, but I also don’t subscribe to extreme views in any part of my life, really, and sometimes, megavitamin supporters can get very passionate.  I think, in anything, when you take it to an extreme, you narrow the number of people who listen and the amount of good that you do.  PETA, as an example, is one of those groups that I would probably support if they weren’t so freaking extreme.  I’m very pro-animal rights, but I am very anti-PETA.  They do some good, but I think their extremes take the rest of the animal rights world in reverse.  But — I digress. Back on topic.

It was a topic of interest.  I listened to tons of Andrew Saul videos.  I dove into his massive website.  ( I absorbed, forgot, reread, re-listened, and researched more and more, and the topic just continues to fascinate me.  I’ve started applying some of it, and I’m starting to see results for things that I’ve been told, as I’m sure you have, are “impossible” and “just can’t happen”.

In any case, in a desperate act of “I have nothing left to lose” when I had had a sinus infection for almost a month that rendered me practically deaf, unless someone was yelling in my ear, and I’m talking I threw  EVERYTHING I could think of it at this sinus infection.  I tried acupressure, oil of oregano (which I swear by at any other point), antibiotics, hot compresses, steam, netti pots, nasal sprays, medicated and non, spicy food, menthol rubs (Vick’s, etc) — I was desperate.  I had, actually, even tried the vitamin c, in what I thought was a mega-dose which I later found out was not.  Sometimes it’s a little hard to find formulas or dosing information for mega-vitamin dosages, mostly because it varies from person to person.  And, as I long ago came to realize, I’m way too low on way too many vitamins, and … well, crap.. where the hell do you start?

I made the mistake of attempting to start with multiple things at the same time.  Look… there’s SO MUCH information out there.  I avidly watch videos from renowned doctors and researchers, and read tons of things, and watched varying summits on different topics.  I do admit, there’s a whole conspiracy theory type of feel, and again, I don’t go to the extremes, but.. there is merit.  I’m finding the merit. And yet, I continue to try things and be hesitant, because,just like all/most of you, I’ve been fed the same thing all my life as well: Doctor’s are the only thing between you, disease and death. It’s just not true.  Obviously, I can’t vouch for every disease out there, but, I can vouch for that sinus infection.  Mega-dosing vitamin C was what finally cured it.  And, it did it, mostly cured within four or five hours, and fully “cured” within 24.  I would say by 12 hours, but that was midnight, really, and I didn’t get up in the middle of the night to dose the vitamin C, so I woke up stuffy, but no where NEAR what I had been.

I did this out of desperation.  It took an extreme situation for me to see it, and to embrace starting it.  It was so bad for  me that I was having panic attacks, and I honestly had no idea how I was going to get through it.  Vitamin C for the win.

Now, just a side note, I had to continue to take the vitamin C after the original symptoms were “gone”.  Why?  Well, because while Vitamin C just annihilated the infection, I still have sinus and allergy problems.  Now, I continued to take the vitamin C, and honestly, an hour after I take it, my allergy symptoms and sinus symptoms disappear.  Sometimes I need a smidge more than other times.  I have been surrounded by sick people all winter (it’s almost April, right now).  Every time I’ve started to feel sick, I up my dosage, and that’s as far as it goes.  You can tell, though, by the amount of the vitamin C you’re taking, whether your body is fighting something, or not.

I mean, it’s so FREAKING logical once you’ve done it, you’ve seen the results, and you start thinking about it.  When I was sick, the loading dose I took was 10,000 mg (10 grams, for those that suck at math and conversions like I do), and I took 2,000 mg per hour, on the hour (easiest to remember), to maintain the level of 10,000 mg in my body at all times.  Vitamin C will be completely gone from the body (at your highest tolerance) in five hours.  So, if you took and tolerated 10,000 mg, it would be completely used by your body (assuming you tolerated it), within five hours, which means your body uses it like this:

Loading dose: 10,000 mg (noon)
hour 2: 8,000 mg (1:00 pm)
hour 3: 6,000 mg (2:00 pm)
hour 4: 4,000 mg (3:00 pm)
hour 5: 2,000 mg (4:00 pm)
hour 6: 0 mg (5:00 pm)

If you take the 2,000 mg per hour on the hour, you maintain that 10,000 mg as long as you keep taking that dose.  When sick, this is the best method, the continuing dose.  Now, the amount of your dose will obviously differ, because it simply can’t be predicted.  You can guess, and you might hit the mark on the head, but your dose is going to be different from mine.  With the 10,000 mg and 2,000 mg per hour when I was sick, I never hit bowel tolerance.  I suspect I could have gone significantly higher before I hit it.  If you need to do some dosing, I’m going to do a separate post on how to figure that out, or rather, how *I* figured that out.  I’ll answer some questions that I couldn’t really find the answers to, and finally, I just dove in.  The fact that I was determined to find all the answers before I tried it, was the reason I wasn’t on vitamin C before I got that cold, and the cold is ultimately the reason why I just said, “Screw it,” because nothing was working.  I just had to dive in.

Now, I also started taking Niacin for my panic attacks and general depression, and that worked well.  I’ll do a separate post on that too.  And, now, I’m using a phosphorus and baking soda mouthwash and I’m going to start using the correct vitamins and minerals to start supplementing my teeth in a major way.  I’m pretty sure I’ve healed a smaller cavity.  Now I just have to fix the big ones.  I’m broke, so, it’s going to be the cheap route now, and maybe if I have no luck, I’ll see a dentist if I can ever afford it.  Well, hell, maybe I won’t need to.  Let’s hope, haha.  It’s freaking awesome when something you’ve been told is impossible happens.  It’s like a little miracle, and you’re astounded.

My experience so far with Vitamin C

Finding the right “dose” is a little difficult. This may very well be because my vitamin C is in 1000 mg doses, and I might need slightly better fine tuning than that. I probably should have gotten the 500 mg pills, but I was going for volume/value rather than ease of dosing. So, while I have not yet fine tuned the spot right between “bowel tolerance” and my bathroom and I are besties, I have still seen results, and honestly, since I often have other bathroom issues, I’m not really 100% whether it’s the vitamins or just a normal day.  In any case, I’m seeing some results.  I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks.

I’m finding that my skin is kicking out all those “icks”.  Blemishes are coming to a head instead of lingering.  My face has started kicking out the blackheads. Wounds are healing better. and I’m not as congested, but I’m also not congestion free. That being said, I have allergies, and I live in allergy central Northern Virginia on six acres surrounded by all this  beauty — which is kicking my butt. Hard to tell. I might stick with the Oil of Oregano for the allergies. It’s been amazing.

Definitely seeing some results from the Vitamin C, and I guess if I get a cold I’ll have the knowledge to test it, and then tell you all about it.

Oh, a side note, I’m finding that about 1500 mg every three to four hours seems to keep me under the threshold, but again, I haven’t quite mastered that.

“Mega-dosing” vitamins and me

I recently stumbled on the whole “theory” of mega-dosing vitamins for health, healing and prevention through a friend. I have been doing a lot of research – there’s *SO* much more research for me to do, but given that there are actual studies done, and there is clinical evidence, I decided to try some of it myself.  My goal is to try it, and see if I start feeling better. Technically, I have started some of it and I will post about that separately.

I also believe in herbal remedies, although, again, the only things I’ve ever recommended have been things that have research to back them up.  The scientific research is sometimes difficult to find, but it is out there.  It just seems to be “squashed” and  while I don’t subscribe to the overall conspiracy theory that Big Pharma and doctors everywhere are out to get us, (or at the very least, couldn’t give a crap about our individual well-being) I do think there’s a definitely a link between a company whose goal it is to profit from the sale of drugs, and well, hey, making the very most money that they can possibly make from drug sales.

I have been on Provigil or it’s generic form for years. In truth, I just got a notice for a class action lawsuit from the attorneys handling it, and, well, hey, look at that, the drug company actually delayed the release of the generic so that they could profit from the higher priced (exorbitantly priced) medication. Even the generics are ridiculously priced. My prescription, WITH my insurance, paying only my out of pocket, was over $250 per three months. And that wasn’t at retail. That was from mail order.  At a retail pharmacy to have it filled, it cost me $300 per month. Obviously I chose mail order.  My insurance paid for 90% of that drug.  Roughly, figure that Big  Pharma made $1100 a month from me …on the generic through mail order.  I can see how they might not like to lose the money, but I think in general doctors have the well-being of patients at heart, and I think that they simply aren’t aware, or have succumbed to the hype that vitamin and nutritional therapy are bull.

Well, what better way than to test it?  I started with the water soluble vitamins.  If you’re interested, look for the other posts. 🙂 Hope to see you there.