Mega-vitamins and the Vit C Epiphany

It’s been my intention to post regularly.  ::cough cough::  So, I promised an update on the megadosing of vitamin C.  I’ve seen some results from that.  When I first started looking into it, I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic, but I also don’t subscribe to extreme views in any part of my life, really, and sometimes, megavitamin supporters can get very passionate.  I think, in anything, when you take it to an extreme, you narrow the number of people who listen and the amount of good that you do.  PETA, as an example, is one of those groups that I would probably support if they weren’t so freaking extreme.  I’m very pro-animal rights, but I am very anti-PETA.  They do some good, but I think their extremes take the rest of the animal rights world in reverse.  But — I digress. Back on topic.

It was a topic of interest.  I listened to tons of Andrew Saul videos.  I dove into his massive website.  ( I absorbed, forgot, reread, re-listened, and researched more and more, and the topic just continues to fascinate me.  I’ve started applying some of it, and I’m starting to see results for things that I’ve been told, as I’m sure you have, are “impossible” and “just can’t happen”.

In any case, in a desperate act of “I have nothing left to lose” when I had had a sinus infection for almost a month that rendered me practically deaf, unless someone was yelling in my ear, and I’m talking I threw  EVERYTHING I could think of it at this sinus infection.  I tried acupressure, oil of oregano (which I swear by at any other point), antibiotics, hot compresses, steam, netti pots, nasal sprays, medicated and non, spicy food, menthol rubs (Vick’s, etc) — I was desperate.  I had, actually, even tried the vitamin c, in what I thought was a mega-dose which I later found out was not.  Sometimes it’s a little hard to find formulas or dosing information for mega-vitamin dosages, mostly because it varies from person to person.  And, as I long ago came to realize, I’m way too low on way too many vitamins, and … well, crap.. where the hell do you start?

I made the mistake of attempting to start with multiple things at the same time.  Look… there’s SO MUCH information out there.  I avidly watch videos from renowned doctors and researchers, and read tons of things, and watched varying summits on different topics.  I do admit, there’s a whole conspiracy theory type of feel, and again, I don’t go to the extremes, but.. there is merit.  I’m finding the merit. And yet, I continue to try things and be hesitant, because,just like all/most of you, I’ve been fed the same thing all my life as well: Doctor’s are the only thing between you, disease and death. It’s just not true.  Obviously, I can’t vouch for every disease out there, but, I can vouch for that sinus infection.  Mega-dosing vitamin C was what finally cured it.  And, it did it, mostly cured within four or five hours, and fully “cured” within 24.  I would say by 12 hours, but that was midnight, really, and I didn’t get up in the middle of the night to dose the vitamin C, so I woke up stuffy, but no where NEAR what I had been.

I did this out of desperation.  It took an extreme situation for me to see it, and to embrace starting it.  It was so bad for  me that I was having panic attacks, and I honestly had no idea how I was going to get through it.  Vitamin C for the win.

Now, just a side note, I had to continue to take the vitamin C after the original symptoms were “gone”.  Why?  Well, because while Vitamin C just annihilated the infection, I still have sinus and allergy problems.  Now, I continued to take the vitamin C, and honestly, an hour after I take it, my allergy symptoms and sinus symptoms disappear.  Sometimes I need a smidge more than other times.  I have been surrounded by sick people all winter (it’s almost April, right now).  Every time I’ve started to feel sick, I up my dosage, and that’s as far as it goes.  You can tell, though, by the amount of the vitamin C you’re taking, whether your body is fighting something, or not.

I mean, it’s so FREAKING logical once you’ve done it, you’ve seen the results, and you start thinking about it.  When I was sick, the loading dose I took was 10,000 mg (10 grams, for those that suck at math and conversions like I do), and I took 2,000 mg per hour, on the hour (easiest to remember), to maintain the level of 10,000 mg in my body at all times.  Vitamin C will be completely gone from the body (at your highest tolerance) in five hours.  So, if you took and tolerated 10,000 mg, it would be completely used by your body (assuming you tolerated it), within five hours, which means your body uses it like this:

Loading dose: 10,000 mg (noon)
hour 2: 8,000 mg (1:00 pm)
hour 3: 6,000 mg (2:00 pm)
hour 4: 4,000 mg (3:00 pm)
hour 5: 2,000 mg (4:00 pm)
hour 6: 0 mg (5:00 pm)

If you take the 2,000 mg per hour on the hour, you maintain that 10,000 mg as long as you keep taking that dose.  When sick, this is the best method, the continuing dose.  Now, the amount of your dose will obviously differ, because it simply can’t be predicted.  You can guess, and you might hit the mark on the head, but your dose is going to be different from mine.  With the 10,000 mg and 2,000 mg per hour when I was sick, I never hit bowel tolerance.  I suspect I could have gone significantly higher before I hit it.  If you need to do some dosing, I’m going to do a separate post on how to figure that out, or rather, how *I* figured that out.  I’ll answer some questions that I couldn’t really find the answers to, and finally, I just dove in.  The fact that I was determined to find all the answers before I tried it, was the reason I wasn’t on vitamin C before I got that cold, and the cold is ultimately the reason why I just said, “Screw it,” because nothing was working.  I just had to dive in.

Now, I also started taking Niacin for my panic attacks and general depression, and that worked well.  I’ll do a separate post on that too.  And, now, I’m using a phosphorus and baking soda mouthwash and I’m going to start using the correct vitamins and minerals to start supplementing my teeth in a major way.  I’m pretty sure I’ve healed a smaller cavity.  Now I just have to fix the big ones.  I’m broke, so, it’s going to be the cheap route now, and maybe if I have no luck, I’ll see a dentist if I can ever afford it.  Well, hell, maybe I won’t need to.  Let’s hope, haha.  It’s freaking awesome when something you’ve been told is impossible happens.  It’s like a little miracle, and you’re astounded.



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